Quick Start

First download GnucDNA from the previous page, installing it will put GnucDNA into your windows/system folder and register the component with windows (regsrv32).

GnucDNA is dispatch based, also know as an automation object.  The only class that can be instantiated directly is GnucDNA.Core.  To get a handle to GnucDNA.Core many development enviroments have quick methods for adding typelib references to the project.

GnucDNA.Core is the gateway to the rest of GnucDNA's interfaces such as, INetwork, IShare, ISearch, IDownload, IUpload, etc... You can use methods from the Core like GetINetwork(), GetISearch(), etc.. to get handles to these interfaces.

Example Loading GnucDNA

  Create GnucDNA.Core object

  Set my Application Identifier
    ICore - SetClientName(MyAppName)
    ICore - SetClientVersion(MyAppVersion)

  Check version of GnucDNA is equal to or greater than what we require
    ICore - GetCoreVersion()

  Load XML Schemas, for Meta-Data support
    IMeta - LoadSchemaDir(DirPath)

  Load Cache of Nodes
    ICache - LoadCache(FilePath)

  Add update servers and check for update
    IUpdate - AddServer(URL)
    IUpdate - Check()

  Connect to Network
    ICore - Connect()

The GnucDNA reference includes complete descriptions and definitions of all the Interfaces and Methods provided by GnucDNA.

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