What you need to build Gnucleus:
Microsoft Visual Studio 7.0

Downloading the latest source:
Gnucleus uses a Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) to keep all developers in sync of each other when changes are made to the source. I use WinCVS for downloading and updating the source files on SourceForge. You do not need an account on SourceForge to get the latest files, they can be downloaded anonymously.

WinCVS is an Open-Source program and is free to download. Click here to go to their page.

Instructions for WinCVS version 1.3

Open WinCVS, go the Admin menu and select Preferences. Enter these settings:
  • Authentication: pserver
  • Path: /cvsroot/gnucleus
  • Host address:
  • User name: anonymous
Close the Preferences and find the toolbar that has a file path typed into it, it should be right under the menu bar in WinCVS. Change it to where you want the Gnucleus source files to go when they are downloaded.
Next go to the Create menu and select Checkout Module. For module name you can enter any of these modules to get different gnucleus source files.

Module Description
Evolver - Source files to the evolver executable that Gnucleus uses to perform auto-updates.
Gnucleus - Gnucleus Release 1, or pre-1.0, these files have not been updated since June 2000
GnucleusR2 - Gnucleus Release 2, or post-1.0 / pre-2.0, a complete rewrite of Release 1.
GnucleusR3 - Interface code of GnucleusR2 seperated into GnucleusR3 Latest Release
GnucDNA - Network core of GnucleusR2 seperated into GnucDNA Latest Release
Installer - Source files to the install script for GnucleusR2. uses SuperPIMP an Open-Source install system from NullSoft.
InstallerR2 - Source files to the install script for GnucleusR3. Uses SuperPIMP an Open-Source install system from NullSoft.

Compiling the Gnucleus Source:
Open the directory where the Gnucleus sources were downloaded to.
Open the Gnucleus.sln file, this should open Microsoft Visual Studio.

Go to the Build menu and select Build Solution.
Go to the Debug menu and select Start.

Congratulations in building the latest version of Gnuclues, now help me code the next!