Cost: FREE
Spyware: NONE

Gnucleus Internet - For access to the global Gnutella network and all the clients running over it e.g. Gnucleus, BearShare, LimeWire, Mactella.

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Download Win95 Version

Gnucleus LAN - If your college blocks gnutella use this to create an internal network for you and your friends. General rule is if you can play network games over your school network, gnucleus will also work. This version can be run on the same computer as the internet version.
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GWebCache - Help the Gnutella network and become a cool person in general by putting a GWebCache on your site (if it supports PHP). After uploading the script go to the help menu in Gnucleus and select, 'Report GWebCache'. After that you can forget about it and at the same time feel good because your helping the Gnutella network survive.
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Auto-Update (Manual Access) - If auto-update fails, I suggest just downloading the latest installer, but you could also download and replace the files manually using this link. Though its not really reccomended. The link is really here so people can see how auto-update works and verify that I'm not installing evil programs on your computer.
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